The Mongolia Society and the Mongol Heritage Foundation’s Conference to celebrate the 130th Anniversary of the Dilowa Khutughtu

The Mongolia Society and the Mongolian Heritage Foundation of New York
Conference to celebrate the 130th Anniversary of the Dilowa Khutughtu
Saturday, October 11, 2014
At The Riverside Theatre
91 Claremont Avenue @ West 120th Street
New York, NY 10027

*There is a $10 fee for the conference, which includes the entire day’s activities. The fee will be collected at the door. Please send RSVP for conference and reception to

10:00 am Welcome and Introduction: Alicia J. Campi (The Mongolia Society) and Byambakhuu Darinchuluun (Mongolian Heritage Foundation of New York)

Opening blessing from Nitsan Temple

Morin khuur performance by Baatar Norov

Keynote: Mr. Palgi Gyamcho, Director, Dilowa Khutughtu Memorial Service Foundation

11:45 am-1:00 pm Lunch

1:00-2:30 pm Dilowa Khutughtu in the Mongolian Language
Chair: TBA
Panelists: J. Urangua (National University of Mongolia), “Dilowa Khutughtu Jamsranjav and the Developments in Mongolia at the Beginning of the 20th Century;” L. Altanzaya (Mongolian National University of Education), “Some Information Related to the Disciples of the Dilowa Khutughtu;” E. Jigmeddorj (Academy of Sciences, Institute of History), “Some Documents in Mongolian State Archives Related to the Dilowa Khutughtu Jamsranjav;” Z. Batzorig (Bulgan Aimag Office of Education), “Regarding Khatanbaatar Magsarjav and the Dilowa Khutughtu’s Joint Struggle for Mongolian Independence, 1911-1919;” B. Baatarkhüü (Academy of Sciences, Institute of History) “Research and Approaches to Mongolian Cultural Heritage.”

2:45-4:00 pm Historical Buddhism
Chair: Melissa Chakars (Saint Joseph’s University)
Panelists: Adam Krug (University of California at Santa Barbara), “Finding Balance in the Dual-System of Religious and Political Power: ‘Phags pa Bla ma’s Advice for Prince Jibik Temür: A Jewel Rosary;” M. Saruul-Erdene (Foreign Service Institute, US Department of State) “Ja Lama’s Death: How It Happened;” Simon Wickham-Smith (Rutgers University), “The Representation of Buddhism in Mongolian Revolutionary Literature (1921-1935).”

4:15-5:45 pm Buddhism in Present-Day Communities
Chair: M. Saruul-Erdene
Panelists: Simon Braune (Independent Scholar), “Over Half a Century on the Buddhist-American Landscape: The Kalmyk Buddhist Cemetery Plots in Jackson, New Jersey – Some Observations and Preliminary Conclusions;” Sanj Altan, “A restoration of an Oirat-Mongolian lay prayer to Vajradhara found among the American Kalmyk diaspora;” Justine Quijada (Wesleyan University), “Rediscovered Shrines and Embodied Histories in Contemporary Buryatia.”

7:00-9:00 pm Reception at The Permanent Mission on Mongolia to the United Nations, 6 East 77th Street, New York, NY 10075. RSVP to required.

Sponsored by: The Mongolia Society, Mongolian Heritage Foundation of New York, Mongol American Cultural Association and The Permanent Mission on Mongolia to the United Nations.

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NYC Mongols Tsagaan Sar Celebration 2014

Tsagaan Sar 2014 Tsagaan sar2014

Mongol Heritage Foundation & Permanent Mission of Mongolia to the United Nation, Buryat House Organization in the NYC is holding third annual Tsagaan Sar celebration in Manhattan, New York. The celebration will be opened by H.E. Ambassador Od Och, Permanent Representative of Mongolia to the United Nations.

The NYC Mongols New Year’s celebration “Tsagaan Sar” 2014 will take place on Saturday February 8th from 5:00pm – 12:00pm at “Select Space” event space where the Mongol tradition of “Zolgolt” will happen among the all Mongol people who live in the greater New York area.

Tsagaan Sar is the Mongolian lunar new year celebration. It is one of the most important events for all Mongols .During this holiday people dress in traditional clothes, tell stories that transmit traditional knowledge, consume traditional dishes, play games, and practice customs that reinforce Mongolian identity, solidarity and continuity. Transmission occurs primarily within families.

We encourage you to invite your friends and family to this exciting and interesting event where the New York Area Mongols will join together in a traditional celebration. Kalmyk, Buryat , Mongolian Buddhist monks from a Nitsan temple monastery New Jersey will also come to the event and bestow their blessings for the year of the “Blue Horse” by wishing you and your families’ success, good health, and happiness by reading Buddhist scriptures and distributing the traditional holy water.

All of the Mongols including Buryats, Kalmyks, Hazaras ,Tuvans and Inner Mongolians are join in the celebration. Everyone who is interested in Mongolia and Mongol Culture is invited; people who are interested in Mongolia and the Mongolian Culture such as Americans who have lived and worked in Mongolia through the Peace Corps will attend.

Where: Luxury Loft space in beautiful Midtown Manhattan located on West 39th Street between 8th & 9th Streets

Location: 315 W 39th St #1104 New York, NY 10018

When: Saturday, February 8th,
Time: 5pm till 12 pm

advance ticket $30 for adults, ticket on the door 40$ $10 for kids, and children under the age of 6 are free. Included: cultural show, presents, food,soft drinks: tea, sodas & juices.
Please contact Darima in Brooklyn at (347-938-5567),
and people from Manhattan/Queens please contact Byambakhuu at (347-437-9265 ) and via to RSVP Baagii 718-749-6006

5:00 pm Opening Welcome, H.E. Ambassador Od Och, Permanent Representative of Mongolia to the United Nations
5:10 pm The President of the Mongol Heritage Foundation Byambakhuu Darinchuluun will go over the agenda of the event
5:15 pm a brief video depicting the celebration of “Tsagaan Sar” in Mongolia will be shown
5:35 pm Mongols perform the zolgokh greeting, respect to the elder guests by giving them the traditional greetings
5:45 pm a professional photographer will take memorable pictures of the guests
5:55 pm most senior Mongol guest escorted by the host to the Special Tsagaan Sar table
6:00pm Buryat, Mongolian, Kalmyk Lama from Nitsan Temple will be conducted and the Monks will bestow their blessings praising of abundance, good fortune and long life.

Turtle shagai game for tsagaan sar……………

The United Mongols Greetings
6:30 pm President of the Mongolian-American Cultural Association Altan Sanj, PhD

* Bayad Dance , Mongolian Dancer B. Sodnom

Inner-Mongolian Community Greetings
Southern Mongolian writer author Tumen-Ulzii Buyan-Mend, Enkhbat Toochig,U. Chuluun.

* Inner-Mongolian Song.
* Mongolian Calligraphy Live Show. How to write Mongol Bichig

Kalmyk Mongol Community Greetings
President of the Tulips Foundation Naran Badushiev

* Kalmyk Musician , Morin Khuur Player , Singer Khongor Kekeev..
* Kalmyk Song Eejiin Duun
* Uulen Bor morin khuur music

Buryat Mongol Community Greetings
Buryat House Organization Ms.Darima Tsibikova , Galina Bud, Hamutaev Andreyev,

* Buryat magtaal Story Teller B.Tsetseg
* Buryat poem Sagaalgan poeter Irina Butedmaa
* Buryat Song Altargana NYC Buryat choir.
* Yohor Hatiraya…Buryat Circle Dance.

Tuva Mongol Community Greetings
Tuva Community E. Eres , Nadejda Ondar,

*Tuvan song Men – Tyva Men

Hazara Mongol Community Greetings
Hazara Organization Progress Equality Dawood Ali ,

* Hazaragi Song Mogol Dukhtar “Mongol Girl”

Children’s activity

* horse racing shagai game
* painting
* Tsagaan Sar gift

7:30 pm NYC Area Mongols United Group Song
* Mongolian Song
* Kalmyk Song
* Buryat Song
* Tsakhar song
* Inner-Mongolian Song
* Tuvan song
* Hazara Song
Yokhor “Ёхор” dancing

7:45 pm the best Traditional Mongolian male, female, and child’s clothing contest
8:00 pm Mongolian singing contest
8:20 pm the best traditional Mongolian blessing/greeting “ерөөл”

DJ Baagii Beatz is pleased to announce the music for NYC Mongols Tsagaan Sar celebration 2014. The music has a largely Mongol theme. Event organizers have put considerable thought into selecting the music, and their choices blend traditional music with some newly commissioned pieces.

Main Organizers:
Mongol Heritage Foundation and Permanent Mission of Mongolia to the United Nation ,“Buryat House” organization

Supporting Organizations:
Hazara Organization Progress and Equality, & SMHRIC

Main Sponsor:
The Tulips Foundation, Mongol American Cultural Association, Advanced Accounting ,Sign City

NYC Mongols group, New York Area Mongolians , Mongol American, Buryat House Group , Kalmyk Project

After Party
There will be Disco Dancing starting at 10pm;

What to expect:
some ideas on what to expect and what you should do when you attend during Tsagaan Sar Event.

Dress-Many people will be dressed in full garment of national Mongol costumes. Men wear their traditional pointed hats; women wear hats or scarves during greetings. Mongolians treat their hats as an important part of the body. Hats are never seen on a floor or upside down: like the head, they should remain high.

Khadag- During the greeting ceremony, guest will hold long, typically blue, silk cloths called a khadag In most cases, the people will also hold a hadag – a blue, or white scarf used for greeting each other, sometimes given as a present to old people to show respect.

When greeting their elders-Greet the eldest person first. During the Tsagaan Sar, Mongols perform the zolgokh greeting, grasping them by their elbows to show support for them.

The younger person holds up the older person’s arms, then the older person smells each side of the younger person’s head. Facing him/her, put your hands under his/her elbows like you are holding him/her. The older person will put his/her arms on top of yours. Likely you’ll press each of your cheeks against his/hers.

The oldest person may kiss you. The typical greeting words are “Daaga dalantai, byaruu bulchintai, sureg mal targan orov uu?”, which can be translated as “Does your 2-year old horse have enough fat on the withers (means good health), does your 2-year old yak have enough muscles (means good power), did all your animals pass winter safely?” and “Sar shinedee saihan orov uu? Nas suuder hed hurev?”, which is used to ask an old person about his/her good health and age as people are proud of old age.He/she will ask how you’re doing. Saikhan shinelj baina uu? (Are you having a nice white month?)

Also people greet each other with specific greetings such as Амар байна уу? (Amar baina uu?), meaning “Is there peace? After you greet the oldest person(s), sit down or wait. Younger people will come and greet you. You will put your arms on top of theirs when they greet you.

When the greeting ceremony is over, everyone sits behind the table and starts exchanging “Khoorog” (a snuff bottle made usually of semi-precious stones and filled with finely pulverized tobacco).
Exchanging Khoorog means expressing friendly intentions to each other and is usually the starting point of introducing a stranger. Exchanging Khoorog creates a warm atmosphere between people and makes the start of a friendly talk that helps to learn the true heart of the stranger.

This greeting custom is that the people exchange their snuff bottles, offering them with open right hand while touching under the right elbow with the open left hand.
Men have quite large bottles made of expensive stone, women’s are smaller. After receiving a snuff bottle a man will normally open it and take a pinch of snuff, sneeze appreciatively, then return it, but a woman should not open the bottle, she should just sniff the part-open cap and give it back. When they pass you snuff, smell it (don’t take lid off), and pass it on. Lid should be a little bit lifted – space between bottle and lid. Admire bottle. Receive bottle with palm up; pass on with palm down. Lids on side; won’t be upside down.

After the ceremony, extended guest having milk tea, eats sheep’s tail, mutton, rice with curds, dairy products, and buuz

Main important dish and drinks for the Tsagaan Sar event.

Buuz (steamed dumplings made of beef, onion and fat). Buuz are kept frozen until they are steamed for the guests)

Boov – biscuits made of flour – is the second main dish to be on the table. The biscuits are about thirty centimeters long and four centimeters thick, and they are stacked on a plate with each level laid out in a triangle or square shape. Layers have to be odd numbers – three, five, etc – as the odd numbers represent happiness. The older family members will get the higher the stack of boov.

Tsagaan idée -dairy products such as cheeses and hard curds (these are white foods, to match the White Month) which would decorate the stack of boov, interspersed with small sweets.

Uuts-Almost a whole sheep’s back, particularly with a big fatty tail – uuts – would be cooked for the Tsagaan Sar. Mongolians try to cook a sheep with as big a tail as possible, wishing the family wealth and prosperity.

Suutei Tsai- The most favored drink during this holiday is Mongol milk tea .Milk tea is an indispensable part of the Mongolian’s daily life.

Mongolian Shagai game for Tsagaan Sar day.

The most unique Mongolian game is shagai or anklebones, which as the name suggests, is played using the cleaned and polished anklebones of sheep. Each of the four sides of the anklebone represents a different animal: horse, sheep, camel, or goat. There are many games which can be played with the bones. In earlier times, families which managed to collect more anklebones than they needed would select an auspicious day and go to play the game of “multicolored turtle” on the top of a mountain leaving the bones afterwards as an offering to the mountain or to the sky. This game is played with a number of bones corresponding to one of the auspicious numbers in the Buddhist faith – most often 81 or 108. The placement of the bones represents the five elements and colors in addition to the body of the turtle itself, which is viewed in traditional Mongolian iconography as the symbol of the cosmos. Players take bones from different parts of the turtle or surrounding five elements on each turn corresponding to the throw of a die. Once the players have collected all the parts of the turtle’s body, the game concludes with the player in possession of the most bones the winner.

Holiday Greetings from MACA eTolbo: January 2014

Holiday Greetings from MACA and 2013 Activities Overview
from Sanj Altan
Greetings for the new year 2014. I wish you and your family the happiest of holidays. I hope you had a healthy, successful and joyful 2013. May your new year 2014 be full of good health, joy and successes of every kind.In extending greetings on behalf of the Mongol-American Cultural Association, I would like to share with you a summary of our major cultural and humanitarian activities in 2013.
We began the traditional year at the New York area Mongolian communities’ Tsagaan sar celebration held on February 2 at the Tangra restaurant in New York city. MACA along with the Mongolian Heritage Foundation and other groups co-sponsored this important event which we hope will develop into a permanent tradition. The MC was Byamba Darinchuluun, with traditional Mongolian food, Tsagaan sar greetings and traditional respect shown to the elders of the community. A special greeting was delivered by H.E. Ambaasador Och Od, Permanent Representative of Mongolia to the United Nations.
MACA was a sponsor of the 7TH ANNUAL MONGOLIAN STUDIES CONFERENCE held on May 3-5, 2013. Twenty seven scholars from Mongolia, Russia, United States, United Kingdom, Australia and South Korea presented their research on art, culture, literature and linguistics. The conference was co-hosted by The Mongolian Cultural Center, The Mongolia Society and The Embassy of Mongolia, Washington, D.C.
MACA was a sponsor of the 49th Annual Memorial Service for the late Dilowa Khutugtu Jamsrangjav Sunday, May 26th, 2013 at the Nitsan Temple, Howell, New Jersey. Nearly 100 people attended the event. In attendance also was Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Mongolia to the United States Mr. Bulgaa Altangerel, and H.E. Ambassador Och Od, Permanent Representative of Mongolia to the United Nations. Professor Ch. Dagvadorj provided an explanation of the series of sutras recited by the lamas marking the memorial.
MACA was a sponsor of the Washington Area Mongolian Community’s 10th Annual Mongol Children’s Festival and Competition. The children’s events were held in two stages this year. The first stage was the competition part on May 18th, 2013 at the Mongolian School of the Capital Area in Arlington, VA. The second part was the Festival, Award Ceremony and Celebration Concert held on June 2, 2013 at the Rosslyn Spectrum Theatre in Arlington.
MACA was a sponsor of the first annual Naadam celebration organized by the Mongol Heritage Foundation, the Kalmyk Project organization and others. The celebration was opened by H.E. Ambassador Od Och, Permanent Representative of Mongolia to the United Nations. The event took place on Saturday July 6th at the “Bethesda Fountain” area of Central Park. VA. Nearly 100 people with individuals from all the Mongol communities were in attendance. Traditional Mongolian wrestling was the main attraction. MACA provided the prizes to the winner and runner up of the wrestling competition.
On November 10 we celebrated the 26th annual Chinggis Khan memorial ceremony at the Princeton Marriott where we began with a moment of silence in memory of MACA founders, Prof. Gombojab Hangin, Tsorj Lama and Lopsang Khiyod. This important day gives each of us an opportunity to remember and reflect on the greatest Mongol of history, someone whose profound influence on each of us continues to this day, more than 8 centuries after his founding of the Mongol nation. Chinggeltu and Belig Borjiged organized the Chinggis ritual with Chagaan Baatar as Jinong and Palgi Gyamcho, Eres Salchak, Sibtain, Haas Khereed, Chuluu Ujiyediin, Darjay Gyamcho, Bembe Atschinow and Bayaar Borjiged as Yamutan. Mr. Byambakhuu Darinchuluun served as master of ceremonies and event planner. There were 175 people in attendance with participants from the Hazara, Buryat, Kalmyk, Tuvan, Uvur and Aru Mongol communities. Special greetings were expressed by Mr. Akram Gizabi, Mr. B. Tumenulzii. Ms. Darima Tsybikova, Ms. Tamara Nadbitova, Mr. Eres Salchak and Mr. J. Tegshjargal. The cultural segment consisted of performances by the ‘Ugalz’ and ‘Magtaal’ groups, along with artists Delehei, Sichigma, Erdeni, Adis and Sainkho Namtschylak. The performances represented the music and dance of Mongolia, Southern Mongolia, Kalmykia and Tuva. A successful Mongolian Children’s Aid and Development Fund auction was held, MCed by Byamba Darinchuluun and Tony Ettinger, raising nearly $2,000 for the fund. A special thanks to the MACA board for their continuing support of the annual ceremony as well as our ongoing cultural and humanitarian projects, Chagaan Baatar, Chinggeltu Borjiged, Enghe Chimood, Tony Ettinger, Palgi Gyamcho, and their families. Many thanks to Sasha Nadbitov for capturing the day’s events on film. An edited film story of the day’s highlights will be available on DVD shortly.
MACA was a sponsor of a reception on October 25 hosted by His Excellency Ambassador Och, Permanent Representative of Mongolia to the United Nations, The Friends of Mongolia and Mongolia Connections, honoring Jonathan S. Addleton, Former Ambassador to Mongolia to mark the publication of the 52nd volume in the ADST- ACOR Diplomats and Diplomacy Series MONGOLIA AND THE UNITED STATES A Diplomatic History.
MACA was a sponsor of the 70th Anniversary of Kalmyk Deportation memorial meeting on December 1st, 2013 held by the Kalmyk Project organization at the Tibet House in New York. The guest of honor and speaker was Arkady Goryaev.
On December 7, MACA held the 21th annual memorial ceremony at the Nitsan Temple for the late Tsorj Lama, Gegeen and former Abbot of the Khorgho Sume in Western Sunid. Tsorj Lama was the second president of MACA.
MACA continued educational and scholarship support to several deserving students in Ulaanbaatar.In 2010 the Mongolian Arts Council, chaired by Mr. Jantsannorov, named the first 3 students as recipients of scholarships in the amounts of 1M Tg and two 500K Tg with funds provided by MACA generated through an interest bearing account established in Ulaanbaatar. In 2013, as in past years, nominations were evaluated and scholarships awarded. This program has been ably administered by our director on the ground in UB, Ch. Enghe.
During the year, the MACA web page ( was managed by our able web administrator, Belig Borjiged. The eTolbo version of our newsletter continues to be released through the MACA webpage. It contains articles and information updated on a periodic basis. Thank you very much Belig.
The last thing I might mention is our plans to transition the major responsibility for the planning and implementation of our annual Chinggis Khaan ceremony through a new organization, called the Chinggis Khaan Memorial Foundation. In due course, there will be a call for participation in the new organization, and I urge you to consider joining and contributing to its future success.
I close wishing you a joyful holiday season and much good health and success of every kind in the coming new year.
Sanj Altan

The 26th Annual Chinggis Khaan Memorial Ceremony


The Mongol-American Cultural Association


The 26th Annual Chinggis Khan Memorial Ceremony

Saturday, November 16, 2013 at 1:00 PM
Princeton Marriott at Forrestal Hotel, Princeton, New Jersey


Byambakhuu Darinchuluun, Master of Ceremonies

1:00 PM Opening Welcome, Sanj Altan, MACA
1:10 PM Chinggis Khaan Memorial Ritual
1:45 PM His Excellency B. Altangerel, Ambassador of Mongolia to the United States
2:00 PM Mr. Ch. Munkhbayar, President, Southern Mongolian Cultural Association


2:15 PM Mr. Akram Gizabi, Hazara Community
Mr. B. Tumenulzii, Uvur Mongol community
Ms. Tsybikova Darima, Buriat Community
Ms. Nadbitova Tamara, Kalmyk Community
Mr. Eres Salchak, Tyvan community
Mr. Tegshjargal, “Unuudur” Newspaper Journalist
3:00 PM Ms. D. Otgonjargal, Ms. A. Jegjee, Mongolian School


3:10 PM Mongolian Children’s Aid and Development Fund Auction
3:30 PM Break

Cultural Segment

4:00 PM “Magtaal” Ensemble
4:45 PM Mr. Erdeni, Ms. Sichigma and Mr. Adis
5:30 PM Mr. Amarburen, Ms. Bolormaa, Mr. Tsengelsaikhaan, …….Mongolian Dance Company & Operatic Singers


6:15 PM Reception in honor of the artists (Mongolian cuisine, cash bar)

Cultural Segment

7:15 PM Mr. Delekhei
8:00 PM Ms. Sainkho Namtschylak

After Party

8:45 PM Mongol Party by DJ Baagi Beatz
11:45 PM Close


If reserved BEFORE 11/16: $30 Adults, $10 Students
If reserved ON 11/16: $30 Adults, $15 Youth (13+), $5 Children

It is better to reserve via our website BEFORE 11/16th!

When reviewing your donation, make sure to click on “Number of adults and children in party” to let us know how many people are in your group!


IGlobal University located in Annandale, VA is hiring Mongolians for full- and part-time positions.


IGlobal University located in Annandale, VA is hiring Mongolians for full- and part-time positions.


First Country (Mongolia) Full Scholarship and Merit Scholarships Are Available. Contact Dustin or David at (703) 941-2020 or email to

IGlobal University located near Washington, DC is nationally accredited by ACICS, recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and the Council for Higher Educating Accreditation (CHEA), certified by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to issue Form I-20 to qualified international students, and certified by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV).

Please call me my at my cell: 301-642-9000.
Best regards,

Dr. David Sohn
Dr. David Sohn
President and CEO

7700 Little River Turnpike, #600
Annandale, VA 22003
Tel: 703-941-2020
Fax: 703-941-2025
Skype: drdavidsohn


Mongol Heritage Foundation’s 3 year Anniversary Celebration and Fundraiser


Mongol Heritage Foundation’s 3 year Anniversary Celebration & Fundraiser .

Date : Saturday , October 19th

Event starts at : 2:00 pm

Where : 135-53 Northern Blvd, suite 202, Flushing, NY , 11354

Celebrating 3 great years.

Reservations : (347)-437-9265, (347)-400-8591 / ,

Tickets only 25$ Youth accompanied by an adult Free !!!

* Open House celebration event
* Membership
* NYC Mongolia Festival 2014 Promotion
* Mongol music
* Silent Auction
* Amazing Presentations & FunMongol Heritage Foundation
* Mongol Cuisine
* Donations Welcome !

Support our anniversary fundraising !

100% of proceeds goes to Mongol Heritage Foundation.
Please help us reach our fundraising goal.