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Kalmyk Day , New Jersey



Soccer Game at Oak Glen Park Begins @ 9:00am
Teams: Mongolian, Tibetan & Kalmyks

Then Kalmyk Cultural Day Begins @ 2:00pm
Performances by:

  • Kalmyk Adult Dancers, Singers
  • Kalmyk Kids’ Singers, Dombar players
  • Kalmyk Rock Band
  • Ethnic Food Tastings
  • Cash Bar – Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Shaslik

Smithsonian Institute will be present along with Local Press coverage



Mongols United Party NYC

NYC Mongols Presents

“Mongols United Party”

New york City Area Mongolian, Buryat, Kalmyk , Hazara , Southern Mongolians, RPCV-Mongolia , American friends then others .

When :July 29th , 2012

Where : Harmony Terrace 47-57 41st St, Sunny side, NY 11104

Time : 8:00 pm to 2:00 am

Tax : 15$

Program :

Who, Why , ……….Damn Mongols
Beginning with Facebook Match for Single’s Marathon
Dance Competition

Call reservation 202-718-4638

The Kalmyks: The Mongols who were left Behind


This film was created by Dechen Kelden, a Kalmyk Mongolian who was born and raised in Jackson, NJ. She is a current student at Sarah Lawrence College who took on this project to create an accessible film for young Kalmyks to learn about their history as an Oirat group from the Western Steppes of Mongolia. She is interested in Cultural Preservation studies and working within the Tibetan community based in New York City.
This film is currently a sample and will be expanded upon in the near future with additional interviews and a possible Russian translation.

Any questions or comments please email kalmykmovie@yahoo.com

Directed by Dechen Kelden
Produced and Edited by Tenzin Wangchuk


Celebration for Gevsha Sonam

On behalf of the Kalmyk Brotherhood Society, it is our honor to announce that our monk, Sonam, has been named a Gevsha by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

We’d like to invite you to a humble celebration for him on Saturday, June 2nd at 12PM at the Temple of St. Zonkava in Philadelphia.

Food and soft drink donations are appreciated.  Because we are honoring our Gevsha, we ask that you refrain from bringing alcohol.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
Kindest Regards,
Natalie Abuschinow – Schneider
Recording Secretary
Kalmyk Brotherhood Society


Email : kalmykphilly@gmail.com

“The Gulls” A Kalmyk Film

A psychological drama depicting the fate of a young woman wanting to get away from her husband, but his unexpected death opens a new perspective on life.

Director Ella Manzheeva.
Cameraman Alexandr Kuznetsov.

Filming is planned to start in Kalmykia next winter once enough funds are raised. for clarification, THIS FILM CAN ONLY CONTINUE PRODUCTION ONCE ENOUGH FUNDS ARE RAISED. If anyone is interested in sponsoring or donating to the creation of THIS KALMYK FILM please contact Elena Churyumov at l_batyreva@yahoo.com

THIS WILL BE ONE OF THE FIRST FEW MOVIES DIRECTED, PRODUCED, AND FILMED IN KALMYKIA BY KALMYKS. such a good opportunity and a great cause, especially to those interested in contributing to the endangered population (which is ultimately contributing to your own and your family’s access to something Kalmyk). Be apart of something new.


To recognize the endangerment of the Kalmyk cultural and to help unify the Kalmyks

To recognize the endangerment of the Kalmyk cultural and to help unify the Kalmyks

Mendit! To recognize the endangerment of the Kalmyk cultural and to help unify the Kalmyk s (and related peoples) separated by lands and waters, this blog is designed to create a safe place for education in, preservation of, and pride in the identity. Cultural revolution (via social media), anyone?

Run by New Jersey born half-Kalmyk college student: Elena “Lanie” Emelchin Brunner of the Ombadykow/Ivanchukov flavor.