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Update : NYC Mongol Naadam Celebration 2013

Image Source:  Mongol Heritage Foundation          https://www.facebook.com/MongolHeritageFoundation   https://www.facebook.com/MongolOvSoyoliinSan



Mongols United Party NYC

NYC Mongols Presents

“Mongols United Party”

New york City Area Mongolian, Buryat, Kalmyk , Hazara , Southern Mongolians, RPCV-Mongolia , American friends then others .

When :July 29th , 2012

Where : Harmony Terrace 47-57 41st St, Sunny side, NY 11104

Time : 8:00 pm to 2:00 am

Tax : 15$

Program :

Who, Why , ……….Damn Mongols
Beginning with Facebook Match for Single’s Marathon
Dance Competition

Call reservation 202-718-4638

Los Angeles Mongol Naadam Update


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Image Source : Asuult.net 


Naadam Update Florida

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The Florida Mongolian Community   has been celebrated Mongolian National Holiday, Naadam  Picnic  at  Sand Key Beach on Saturday July 7th.

Local Mongolian artist performed Traditional  Mongolian instrument Morin Khuur (Horse Headed Fiddle ).

Mongolian flag was raised during the event.

Image Source : Mongolians in Florida (Facebook Group )

11th Annual American Mongolian Basketball Championship Tournament 2012 BAY AREA, CA

11th Annual American Mongolian Basketball Championship Tournament 2012 BAY AREA, CA

When :June 23 at 8:00am until  8:00pm

: June 24 at 8:00am until  8:00pm

Where :540 Ashbury Avenue El Cerrito, CA 94530



100 things you don’t know About Mongol American Community

100 things you don’t know About Mongol American Community

  1. Naadam festival
  2. Chinggis Khaan Ceremony
  3. Mongolian Schools
  4. Mongolian Embassy &  Consulate
  5. Mongolian  TV News
  6. Mongolian Books on Library of Congress
  7. Mongolian Book library , New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles ,
  8. Mongolian Community Organizations
  9. Mongolian tourism agency
  10. Mongolian shop  New York, Washington DC, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver
  11. Nitsan Mongolian Temple  (New Jersey )
  12. Mongolian Contortionist  in Famous O show
  13. Mongolian Ballet  Dancer Seattle, New York
  14. Mongolian Models New York
  15. Mongolian Designer New York
  16. Mongolian Person working for Obamas office
  17. Mongolian team at Microsoft
  18. Mongolians working for Google
  19. Mongolians working for Face book
  20. Mongolians working for  US Navy
  21. Mongolians working for  United Airlines
  22. Mongolians working for  United Nations
  23. Mongolian Dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum
  24. City of Ulaanbaatar Park Denver
  25. Mongolian Statue “” Tulga “”Sculpture
  26. Olna Gazara at Kalmyk Road (New Jersey)
  27. Mongol Heritage Foundation
  28. Mongolian Restaurant Oakland California
  29. Kalmyk Community
  30. Inner Mongolian Community
  31. Hazara Mongolian Community
  32. Buryat Mongolian Community
  33. Tuvan Community
  34. Kalmyk Temple
  35. Mongolian Karaoke
  36. Ulaanbaatar Denver Sister Cities
  37. Erdenet Fairbanks Sister Cities
  38. Darkhan Irvin Sister Cities
  39. Ulaanbaatar San Francisco Sister Cities
  40. Tsetserleg Bellingham  Sister Cities
  41. Genghis Khan Exhibition Tour
  42. World renowned artist  Gankhuyag Natsag
  43. Mongolian Store
  44. Mongolian Full Service Event Planning
  45. Morinkhuur Player
  46. Mongolian throat Singer
  47. Mongolian Dancer
  48. Mongolian Historians
  49. Mongolian Ethnographer
  50. Sterling Ballet Academy