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24 thoughts on “Contact US

  1. I’m looking for a Mongolian interpreter in the Houston area. We’re a language company that provides interpreters for school children. Any help locating someone would be greatly appreciated.

      1. Sain baina uu!
        Houston, TX-d orchuulagch hereg bolood bn, ta sonirhohgui biz? 12 sariin 18nii ugluu 9 tsagt neg tsag garuu hiih orchuulga, hungun yarianii. Une hulsiig ni tulnu. Ta sonirhvol nadruu mail bichne uu:

  2. Hi, someone was referred to me and I’m working with them on this project. I would like to add you as a resource in case the other person isn’t available on future projects. Please email me and I’ll be happy to get you set up.

  3. Sain baitsgaana uu!
    Houston, TX-d orchuulagch hereg bolood bn, Houston-d baigaa mongol hun baival 12 sariin 18nii ugluu 9 tsagt neg tsag garuu aman yarianii hungun orchuulga hiij tuslaach. Une hulsiig ni tulnu. Ta sonirhvol nadruu email bichne uu:

  4. I wanted to invite you to a gallery show featuring Mongolian music in paintings in Los Angeles on Feb 8th, 2013. We are also very interested in connecting to the local Mongolian community and musicians. I had the pleasure to meet Hulgu Battumur during the Naadam Festival a few years ago in Ulanbataar and these paintings come from that inspiration and a desire to connect people in the U.S. to this beautiful culture.

  5. Hello all! What a wonderful networking site for Mongolians. I am working on a consulting project to bring solar-powered lanterns into Mongolia, and was hoping to provide some questions here as a way to get to know the population and cultures better. Please respond as you see fit. Thanks!!

    1. Do most people in the urban or rural areas have access to consistent lighting?

    2. Which areas or institutions (such as schools) would be the most benefited by, or most accepting of, solar-powered lights?

    3. What would be the perceived benefits of gaining extra hours of light in a day?

    4. Is there a source of entrepreneurship in which Mongolians would be willing to sell these products to fellow Mongolians?

    5. The product is a lightweight, transportable, solar-powered lantern that can give light for 3-4 hours. What would be the preferred price range that reflects a Mongolian household’s disposable income?

  6. Hello,

    I am very interested and fascinated by the mongolian history/culture and its similarities with my afghan culture. I also would like any assistance in finding out how to build my own Mongolian Yurt. I’m trying to set up a program called ” Yurts for Afghanistan” to help house the displaced families in Afghanistan.

  7. we have a little girl here in Michigan ,she will have some surgery on her arms and legs we need an interpreter to make it easy to talk with her, we live 1 hour drive north of grand rapids, any help would be awesome, thanks.

  8. hi i am Yasin Hazara
    is there any mongolian association in vancouver bc . canada ?
    if there is plesae how can i contact with them

  9. Hello, my name is Helene Cortez and I work with Special Olympics World Summer Games Los Angeles 2015. We are in need of individuals that would be willing to volunteer their time to assist the Special Olympics Delegation from Mongolia. SO Mongolia will be participating next year in the World Games that are taking place in Los Angeles with their athletes. Would you be able to help me find volunteers for this amazing humanitarian event? Please let me know if you know people that can volunteer that speak Mongolian fluently and could be the Delegation Liaison for the team. My email address is Please visit our website at to find out about the Special Olympics World Games and this amazing movement. Thank you.

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