Ul Boov Shoe Sole Cake

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Ul Boov  is  a traditional Mongolian  biscuit  made (or bought) for Tsagaan Sar and other special occasions, such as weddings. The cake is named after its shape, which is reminiscent of the sole of a shoe. The patterns in the center are stamped with a wooden block, and the bulge around the “sole” forms from the stamping.

In keeping with centuries of tradition, Mongolian families prepare the Tsagaan Sar Plate, the main food that decorates the table. The feast features Ih Idee (big plate) and Baga idée (small plate). Ul boov are filled with Aruul and other sweets and are stacked in a big tower on the big plate. Each tower has an uneven number of levels, and each level has 5 cakes. A little Urum is heaped on the top of each stack.

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