Referral in Mongolian.

We provide referral service.

If you are looking for Mongolian translator in USA.

Please contact  347-437-9265

Our referral fee 100$.


10 thoughts on “Translation

      1. My email address is and I would like to shop for Mongolian wedding rings. We spent some time in an area near Ordos (erdos?) 3 years ago and are very fond of the people we met and the culture. We also respect the meaning of the rings. Can you help me find a site that may sell these.
        David and Pat

  1. Looking for a Mongolian interpreter for the downtown Chicago area. I am a lawyer considering accepting a pro bono immigration case for a Mongolian native, and need someone to translate several interviews with the native from Mongolian to English, also ideally on a free basis (or with a minimal fee/reimbursement of costs). The person does not need to be a professional interpreter; and it should only take several hours of time total. Please email at your earliest convenience. Thank you.

  2. Hello, My name is Nadine Medero and I work for Ready Made Language Resources. We are an interpreters firm that is always looking for potential candidates that speak Mongolian. We are hoping you can recommend a few people that are interested in interpreting part-time on an as needed basis. We work with all of the Cook County courts in Chicago and surrounding towns. Please contact us me by phone or e-mail at 312.663.4445 or

  3. Hello, My name is John and I work for Global Certified Translation. We are an interpreters/translators firm that is always looking for potential candidates that speak Mongolian in Houston, Dallas and Austin area. If you are interested in part time job, please contact us me by phone or e-mail at 713.304.5302 or

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