Mongolian Performance

Do you want to have a group of Mongolian artists performing at your dinner party while you are enjoying a business gathering with your business partners, co-workers and friends? Here you just pick up your phone or let us know your needs by email, MongolEvents will help you arrange all these things.

After years’ of development, we have successfully held many performances for events of different themes, and these performances all leave our customers with deep memories and best impression of Mongolia.

If you need any performances and shows for your event, contact our event specialists, and they will help you plan and arrange all the further details.

The performances we offered include traditional Mongolian instrument  ‘ Morin Khuur’  the horse-head fiddle,  Mongolian  Throat Singing, Biyelgee Mongolian Dance ,Mongolian  Tsam Dance Show, Mongolian Contortionist,performances etc.
Most of each show last 20 minutes to 40 minutes, and you can choose at least 2 of the following shows for your event. These shows can be performed at restaurants, conference halls, hotel dining halls and small stage etc.
The shows we listed here are better to be performed for 30-300 people, and different shows charges for different price. Please email us for the detailed quotation. If it is a over-300-person event, please contact us and we could arrange a customized performance for you.

Email:  Tel:347-437-9265

Mongolian Special Events, Event Planning,Entertainment

Web : MongolEvents

Facebook Page : MongolEvents


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