Mongol American Talent Agency

Mongol American Talent Agency is mainly engaged in promoting, training and managing signed entertainers, as well as finding and managing talent for films, TV shows, and commercials.

Currently, there is no talent agency focusing on Mongolian talents.  However, for a fixed fee, we can refer Mongolian talents to you, ranging from Mongolian actors and actresses to Mongolian  singers, Mongolian  calligraphers and Mongolian musical instrument players.

The agency makes full use of Mongol American  Media & Entertainment’s film, television and advertising projects, realizing the mutual benefits of  sharing resources between branch and subsidiary companies and with cooperative partners. As a uniting principle, Mongol American  Talent Agency strives to continuously improve the quality of the entertainers it signs and the services it offers them.

At present, the entertainers signed up with Mongol American Talent Agency are all professionals graduated from art colleges in Mongolia. They have their own strengths and enjoy great popularity in the film and television circle. Many of them are acknowledged by famous producers, directors and specialists as new performers with great potential. In the future the Mongol American Agency will enlarge its business to represent directors, writers and singers as well as performers and artists from other related fields.

Mongolian Talents

For Films, TV Shows, Commercials, and Events, we provide and have provided the following Mongolian talents in Los Angeles and New York other cities in the United States

  • Adult Mongolian actors

  • Adult Mongolian actresses

  • Mongolian singers

  • Mongolian calligraphers,

  • Mongolian Traditional Wrestler

  • Mongolian musical instrument players (Morin khuur, Yatga, Khuuchir, Limbe Yochin, etc)

  • Mongolian accent coach

  • Mongolian Translator

  • Mongolian Interpreter

  • Male Mongolian dancers

  • Female Mongolian dancers

  • Mongolian Female Models Los Angeles & New York

  • Mongolian male models

  • Mongolian experts for the entertainment industry

Contact Us

For any of the services described above, please Contact US  and a representative will be in touch with you. E-mail :


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