Respected guests! It is a great honor to be here and celebrate 850th anniversary of the greatest conqueror in human history. The Great Gengez Khan was not only a great warrior but also a great thinker of his time, who bestowed a comprehensive law in the form of YASA to his people and other entire conquered nations. It is a matter of sorrow that some historians especially Iranians and Arabs have mentioned him and his successors as barbaric while it is a fact that on the contrary he, along with his successors brought peace, stability, justice and prosperity to all the conquered regions and introduced unique kinds of knowledge and art. It was Mongols who promoted miniature art to its peak especially during the Ilkhante period (Ikhan means younger Khan). They also promoted the new form of history writing which we  in Persian say “WAQAE NIGARI” or narration of facts. Some famous Muslim historians like Rashid-ud-Din-Fazlluah, Juwayni, Wassaf etc are  gifts of Ilkhante Mongol dynasty. The famous kind of Persian inscription “NASTALIQ” that is being used till now, is also the gift of the Great khan’s successors.

Honorable guests! It is not possible for me to shed light on the life of this greatest conqueror of the world but it is a good opportunity to introduce briefly my Hazara nation who is a part of “ULUS MUQUUL” that  the Great Khan himself named in spring 1206,s “QORALTAE” or grand assembly  held in “QURAQURAM”. Historians, who know Hazaras, believe that they are pure Mongol or some believe that they are turcko-Mongolian origin. It is correct that some Turkic tribes like QALAJ, QARLUQ , TURKMAN etcare now part of Hazara nation but the big portion of Hazara nation consists of pure Mongol origin. Like DAE CHOPAN (an Ilkhante commander), DAE BERKA(a Mongol commander), , ARGHUN (Il Khanate Commander), NEKODAR(Jughtain commander)or  BESUD .It  would be  very interesting for the audience to know that in Hazara BESUD there is a sub-tribe with the name of  “BURJAQIN”  which is believed to be the name of the tribe of the Great Khan himself. It is worth mentioning that the Turk tribe like NAEMAN is now part of Hazara nation but was merged into “ULUS MUQUUL” by the Great Khan. Historically it has been proved that up to the early 16th century some Hazara tribes were speaking Mongolian language as mentioned by king Babur the founder of Mughul dynasty in India in his famous book TUZKI BABURI. Despite the similarity of tribal names there are dozens of places in Hazarajat with the purely Mongolian name like JIGHATU near Ghazni  (driven with name of JUGHTAEE, the Great Khan’s son), BU-SED (taken with the name of ILKHANATE king BU-SAEED). CHOPAN (an  ILKHANATE commander as mentioned earlier).

Honorable guests, in spite of all other historic facts, a scientific research carried by Oxford University Bio-Chemistry Department in 2003, also proved that Hazara people are Mongolian origin. It is worth to mention that a campaign has been initiated here in the United States to explore the origin of Hazara through complete DNA test. I am sure that the finding of this research will not be other than the research done by the Oxford University of Great Brittan.

Hazara as a new nation established a great kingdom under  Arghun dynasty  in early 16th century which consists from Kabul to Sindh (present Pakistan). Later on Babur captured Kabul and Qandahar but their rule remained intact on the vast areas of northern Balochistan, Sindh and Multan (present Pakistan) up to 1591 A.D. The reflection of  the glory of Arghun can be seen in “MUKHLI” graveyard Thatha, which was the capital of this dynasty. Keeping in view the unique style of construction MUKHLI has been entitled as “World Heritage”.

Honorable guests!  Unfortunately the deprivation of Hazara started on the rise of Safavid in Iran. Safavid captured Qandahar in 1653A.D and posted Gargin Khan as governor with a clear intention to expel Hazara Mongol from plain lands of Heart to Kabul. He did complete this task by pushing Hazaras from their plain lands and planted a new Pashtoon Ghalzai tribe on the occupied Hazara lands. This occupation process kept continued and even made faster during ABDALID in 18th century. And this policy was finalized by Amir Abdur Rehman during 1880 to 1893 who annexed Hazarajat the land of Hazara nation and made part of his new Afghan kingdom (Afghanistan) forcefully. During 1880 to 1893 war, Amir Abdul Rehman has eliminated 62% of Hazaras in Hazarajat and disowned them of their fertile lands which were later on, distributed among Pashtoon nomads (Kochi). Therefore now historians agree that from hundred to hundred and fifty thousand square miles has been reduced in total area of Hazara home land.

Ladies and gentlemen! Despite all this massacre and genocide, Hazaras being a Mongol warrior not only exist in Afghanistan but now considered as a hope for a bright future of this war hit country because of their extra ordinary constructive abilities. Hazaras have got the highest education rate in Afghanistan in both genders. The  ever first Olympic medalist Rohullah Nekpai, ever first world boxing champion Hamid Rahimi, ever first female Governor Habiba Sarabi and ever first female Mayor Azra Jafferi  are the best proofs of being an extra ordinary nation in Afghanistan’s three centuries long history from one hand, while on the other hand it also reflect to their Mongolian origin ethnicity in which women had and still have a significant role in the society. Otherwise in Afghanistan like orthodox Muslim scenario, women are considered as an absurd product.

Honorable guests! During the Dark Age of Abdur Rehman and later on during Taliban era a large number of Hazaras were compelled to leave their home land Hazarajat and take refuge in neighboring countries. A huge number took refuge in Iran but unfortunately because of their Mongolian back ground they are being treated in-human and called Hazaras as BARBARI, which means barbarian. Hazaras are still struggling to use their original name in Iran but only have been allowed to use the meaningless name of KHAWARI (Eastern people) instead of Hazara. However, in British India Now Pakistan they were treated equally. Therefore, they flourished in all aspects of life quickly. Just imagine that a young Hazara Musa Khan recruited in British army as a common soldier but by his Mongol genetic ability he rose to the post of Commander In Chief of Pakistan army. He successfully led Pakistan army in 1965 Indo-Pak war with 5 time bigger Indian army, however it will be interesting for audience to add that later, during in other war in 1971, this same Pakistan army not only lost his Eastern part present Bangladesh but also faced one of the world’s biggest army surrender of more than 95 thousand soldiers to the Indian army.

Ladies and gentlemen! Unfortunately for last 12 years this most educated and well organized Pakistani Hazaras are facing a wave of genocide and ethnic cleansing by state backed religious extremist militants. So far, more than 600 innocent Hazaras mostly educated and professional have been killed. Once again thousands of Hazaras have been compelled to take refuge in western countries and other thousands are seeking for. But despite all these, I firmly believe that being a Mongol we will survive because we are survivors of the fittest.

Honorable guests! Taking the opportunity of this historic occasion I want to mention here especially for my Mongolian historians and academicians that a huge first hand treasure of information about Great Mongols are available in Persian either in printed or manuscript forms in Iran Pakistan, Afghanistan and India or in big libraries of the world. No doubts without this treasure, compilation of an authentic comprehensive history of Great Mongols are almost impossible. Therefore, I humbly request to my Mongol academicians to take necessary steps for collection and translation of this treasure in to Mongolian and English. Due to shortage of time I am mentioning here a few basic famous sources:-

  1. 1.     Jame-u-tarikh or Compendium of Chronicles written by Rashid-ud-Din
  2. 2.     Tarikhi Jahan Gushah or The history of world conqueror  written by Malik Ata Juwayni
  3. 3.     Tarikhi Wassaf  written by Abdullah Wassaf

These published books were written during Ilkhanate period under direct supervision of Ilkanate kings. 

  1. 4.     Shah name-e-Changezi  un-published book, one manuscript copy is lying in British Museum. It seems that it has been written in poetry form in patron of famous Persian historic book Shah name-e-Firdausi.
  2. 5.     Turkhan Nama written by Syed Mir Mohammad Tatavi, it is about Hazara Arghun dynasty who ruled from Kabul to Sindh during  15th and 16th centuries.

Fortunately I have visited some old libraries in Sindh and Punjab Pakistan, there are dozens of valuable published or un-published historic books about Mongol history in Persian consist of first hand informations. It would be very interesting for my honorable guests that in 2008, I found two very rare books by the name of GHAZAN NAMA and another one OLJAETU NAMA which cover almost all official activities of these two Great kings of Ilkanate dynasty from Karachi Pakistan, in a Sunday footpath book bazaar.

At the end I would like to say especial thanx to birar Baymabakhuu who made possible all this arrangement and of course the organizers of this great event who provide me this opportunity to speak in such a great historic event with such an honorable audience. Thank you very much.

Note:- This write-up was presented in the event of 850th “Anniversary of Chinggis Khaan”   in Mongolian Embassy Washington DC, on May 5th. It was a two Days(May 4-5,2012) International Conference organized by “ The Mongolian Cultural Center Washington” and “The Embassy of Mongolia Washington” In partnership with “The Mongolian Institute for Defense Studies” With contribution from Mongol-American Cultural Association. Well renowned scholars from USA, Mongolia, Canada, Germany, Qazaqstan, Norway, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Korea were presented their articles and presentations. National Geographic Society’s Mr. Albert Yu Min Lin was also presented his presentation.

Source :http://www.wahdatnews.com



  1. Kindly correct one thing that Hazara don’t belong to Changaz or Mangol, We Hazara has killed the grandson of Changaz by the name of Mutugen in 1221 in Bamiyan. So how you say that Hazara are descendants of Changaz. the alive example is pesent in Bamiyan that we Hazara fought with the armies of Changaz in Shara e GhalGhola or City of Screams is alive example in Bamiyan is that Hazara don’t belong to Changaz or Mangol.
    A particular tribe of Hazara may belong to Changaz or Mangol but not complete Hazara nation.
    Changaz history belong to only 800 years only, Changaz history lies in 12th century, Before that no one know about Changaz, We Hazara has more than 4000 years old history,
    Best creature of Buddha is Present in Hazara’s motherland which is expected 2000 years old.
    Monks which is present in Hazara’s motherland is more than 3500 years old, so how you can say that Hazara are descendants of Changaz!!!

  2. we are lacking of information about our forefathers and ancestors. we need time and attention to pay for knowing the reality and facts about our history .

  3. Hi Sabir Jan!

    Mr Ishaq Mohammadi gave us more than dozen reasons with proper explanation regarding Hazara’s direct connection to Mongols. And he never said all Hazara’s are Mongols, but he did say that Majority belongs to Mongols. And you mentioned Bamiyan and its people, were resistance against Mongol army, then maybe those people made up the small share of Hazara nation and probably didnt even survive infront of the great Mongol Army and i still believe that good 80-90% of Hazara nation belongs to Mongolian background. And he mentioned scientific research proves that majority of Hazara’s are Mongols. If you are still not convinced then……

    Well its human nature to argue and oppose everything and when comes to Hazara people, its our passion to oppose even if its based on facts.

    One thing i noticed that this Mongol and anti Mongol belief in Hazara people is purely based on physical appearance of a particular person. A Hazara person that looks like a typical Mongolian, he is whole heartedly in the favour of Mongols, and those who are mixed and dont even look like Mongol or Hazara, they always try to connect them with Turks, Arabs, Persians or what ever race they resemble the most.

    Remember my friend your belief, your faith, your political ideology and even your religion has to go with your appearance, if it doesn’t then you are confused and lost and this is what Hazara nation is right now. We have this minority within us that dont even look like us, are even leading us and have full control over us, are making us believe that we are not Mongols. They are dividing us into Turks, Syeds(Arabs) and Persians. Just look yourself in the mirror and think, if these persian and arabic names even suit our appearance.

  4. Reply to Jan Ali

    My dear friend what ever you have written that is right to some extent but few things which i learn from history i can’t forget that What Changaz or Mangol has done with Hazara history that is why i am against that in few aspects!!!

    As i mention before that the grandson of Changaz by the name of Mutugen was killed in Bamiyan is clear indicator that we don’t belong to Changaz or Mangol,
    The Shara e Ghalghola which is present in Bamiyan which Changaz burn the whole city in revenge of his grandson was killed in Bamiyan!!!
    According to historian 2 couple and few animal species remain alive apart from this no one was alive, Changaz army killed each alive human and even animals!!!

    Can you answer my few Questions
    Q.No.1 If Hazara are descendants of Changaz than who has created the Buddha of Bamiyan???
    Q.No.2 If Hazara are descendants of Changaz or Mangol than who has created the Monks of Bamiyan???
    Q.No.3 Worlds oldest oil painting was discover in Bamiyan!!! who were those painters?
    Q.No.3 Who has killed the grandson of Changaz!!! can you tell me?
    Q.No.4 The history behind the Band Amir if Hazara are descendants of Changaz than Hazrat Ali (AS) came to region for which purpose!!!
    Q.No. 5 History behind Shar e Zohak & Shar e Ghalghola can you explain to me!!!
    Q.No. 6 Can you give me legal documents that prove that Changaz X-Chromosome is direct link with Hazara?

  5. Hi Sabir Jan,

    I will go straight to your questions, maybe i can answer some of these questions with logic to solve this mystery.

    A.No.1 Buddha of Bamiyan was created by some budhist civilization that was living there before Changez khan invaded, I am pretty sure they look oriental just like the people from Tibet.

    A.No.2 Hazara did not create the Monks or Buddha, Hazara/Mongol were the invaders.

    A.No.3 The painting belongs to the buddhist ppl that were living there for thousand of years.

    A.No.4 The same Buddhist people killed the grandson of the Great Changez Khan, when he invaded that area.

    A.No.5 Now you do not have any proof that Hazrat Ali AS came to that area, if he did, maybe he came to convert those Buddhists into Muslims.

    A.No. 6 These Buddhist the creator of Buddha, were living there for thousand of years, then Mongols invaded that region and killed every human being and took over that area, and these people were the resistance against Mongol Army and they vanished in the process, maybe the Mongols let the women and children live, since they looked like Mongols they got mixed with Mongols and make the small portion of Hazara’s that you see in Afghanistan and Pakistan or Iran.

    A.No. 7 Yes i have a proof, an Oxford University biochemist Chris Tyler-Smith, did some research and his finding is that Hazara’s of Pakistan and Afghanistan has the Y-Chromosome of Mongols and Changez khan himself.
    BTW X-chromosome is from the mothers side and Y-chromosome is from the fathers side, not sure why you want the Xchromosome as a proof, here is an article about this, if you still do not believe, you can go visit him in the UK, i am sure he will show you the proof as well, these people are not like us, when they say something its based on facts.


  6. Reply to Jan Ali

    A.No.1 Buddha of Bamiyan was created by some budhist civilization that was…………..
    My ans to this you are saying that it was people of Tibet who has created the Buddha than for your kind information one thing i would like to add that Buddha of Bamiyan belong to Gandhara civilization not to Tibet.
    It is expected that Buddha of Bamiyan was created by Kushan.

    A.No.2 Hazara did not create the Monks or Buddha, Hazara/Mongol were the invaders.
    My answer to this Question Hazara has created the Buddha of Bamiyan The Buddha is created by Kushan which belong to Gandhara civilization.
    Historian & scientist says that Hazara are from Kushan.

    A.No.3 The painting belongs to the buddhist ppl that were living there for thousand of years.
    It belong to Hazara

    A.No.4 The same Buddhist people killed the grandson of the Great Changez Khan, when he invaded that area.
    His son was killed by the hand of Hazara the shar e ghalghola is alive example i am not making a story it is a fact my dear!!!
    Go and explore about my this question in Bamiyan

    A.No.5 Now you do not have any proof that Hazrat Ali AS came to that area, if he did, maybe he came to convert those Buddhists into Muslims.
    My ans Hazrat Ali AS came to Hazarajat!!! I’m talking about the Band Amir read the complete history of Band Amir you will know that Hazara don’t belong to Changaz it will make clear for you in that passage to.

    A.No. 6 These Buddhist the creator of Buddha, were living there for thousand of years….
    My ans it’s written in history book apart from couple no one was alive when Mangol army invaded the area and killed every alive thing who were there. Only a couple and few animal species remain alive it don’t mean that Mangol let them because they all escape to mountain of BABA region that is why!!!

    A.No. 7 Yes i have a proof, an Oxford University biochemist Chris Tyler-Smith,
    from an article nothing will be prove it will be prove at that time when you give all legal documents, As that much i know it is fake!!!

    In your reply you told that every alive body was killed by Mangol invaded the area that is why they belong to Mangol. Hazara don’t live only in Bamiyan area, Hazara live in Hazarajat region of current Afghanistan. Mangol kill only people of Bamiyan who are Hazara apart from that other areas of Hazarajat were untouched my dear!!!

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