Мандухай Цэцэн хатан (Mandukhai the Wise Queen, 1988)

Мандухай Цэцэн хатан (Mandukhai the Wise Queen, 1988) B. Baljinnyam

It is a Mongolian film based on a recounting of Queen Mandukhai the Wise.

She was (c. 1449 – c. 1510) was the Empress of Post-imperial Mongolia. She reunited the warring Mongols with Dayan Khan in the 15th century. Mandukhai was the only daughter of Chorosbai chingsang (grand councillor) of the Ongud Mongols in eastern Mongolia, her family was aristocrats. At the age of 18 Mandukhai was married to Manduul Khan (reigned the Mongol Empire in 1473–1479), to whom she bore a daughter and was preferred over Yekhe Khabartu Yungin, his childless first queen.

After the death Manduul Khan in 1467, the throne was left without an heir. Mandukhai brought back and adopted the 7 year old orphan Batmunkh, son of Bayanmunkh Jonon (a direct descendant from the Golden Horde of Genghis Khan) who had died in a battle. Batmunkh then was the last living descendant of Genghis Khan and Mandukhai him proclaimed Dayan Khan, rejecting marriage to Count Unubold. However, Unubold, a descendant of Khasar (a brother of Genghis Khan), remained loyal to Mandukhai and her child Khan.

When Batmonkh turned nineteen, she married him and took command over Eastern Mongols. The Oirats who are Western Mongols again raided the Eastern Mongols. Mandukhai mobilized an army against them and managed to defeat them. Her stunning victory over the Oirats brought back great reputation of the Chinggisids. She fought even while pregnant and was once injured while carrying twins of Dayan Khan. She and the twins survived, and her army won the battle.

From 1480 Dayan Khan and Mandukhai increased the pressure on the Ming Chinese territory because they closed the border trade and killed a Mongol envoy. To contain her, the Ming Chinese rapidly expanded the Great Wall. Mandukhai managed to keep Dayan Khan in power as a Chingis Khan’s descendant. Her legacy includes dedication of her life for unification of Mongols and ending internal conflicts of Mongols.

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