Buryat traditional dress

Buryat clothing most closely resembles Mongolian traditional dress, which is no surprise since the Buryats are a Mongolian people. Mongolian dress consists of a long robe, known as a deel, which is worn over trousers. The Buryat word for this robe is digil, which is the ancient Mongolian word for this item of clothing. The digil is perfectly adapted to the Siberian and Mongolian climates, which has below freezing temperatures at least at night for all seasons but the summer. It is also well adapted for riding horses, which is the reason why it was traditionally worn with trousers by both sexes. In order to further conserve warmth in cold weather, the digil fastens at the right shoulder so that there is a double thickness of cloth (and fur in the winter digil covering the vital organs of the chest and belly.


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