Mongolian DJ EKU

Mongolian DJ EKU

DJ Eku
Dj — Producer—- Remixer
Washington , DC , USA

Hip Hop, R&B DJ Eku was born in Ulaanbaatar city, Mongolia.
Love for music from childhood influenced him to become a DJ.
Coming to the United States gave Eku a great opportunity to fulfil his long thought dream.
From 2004 he started learning and in 2005 was able to put his first party by his own. From then he worked on many parties among Mongolian community in DC, Maryland and Virginia areas.
In 2007 his first mix tape “We are Mongolians” was released.
Mix tape 1 has 20 tracks, mostly mix of songs of Mongolian Hip Hop artists with popular American songs.
Mix tape 2 is released in 2009, which has better quality and unique.
In the future Eku plans to work with Mongolian artists and bands, and make remix for their song.
Press Contact
Rihanna – Disturbia (Dj Eku Halloween Bootleg)


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