Southern Mongolians.

Understanding China

For the seven months in Daban I’ve been unable to find out any information about the Mongolians. People would put me off, or say they didn’t know, or they’d get back to me. Now that I am living with a plurality of them I am beginning to learn more.
The Mongolians here in Daban do not seem to have much to do with the Chinese, frequently not bothering to learn the language or have any dealings with them. One little shop I often visit which makes traditional Mongolian garments and headdresses has 5 employees and only one speaks and reads Chinese. Every time I drop in, the Bible is open on their work bench!
There is a separate school system for the Mongolians which, the Chinese tell me, is inferior to the Chinese schools, but if that is so the Mongolians have made no attempt to transfer to Chinese schools!

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