“The Gulls” A Kalmyk Film

A psychological drama depicting the fate of a young woman wanting to get away from her husband, but his unexpected death opens a new perspective on life.

Director Ella Manzheeva.
Cameraman Alexandr Kuznetsov.

Filming is planned to start in Kalmykia next winter once enough funds are raised. for clarification, THIS FILM CAN ONLY CONTINUE PRODUCTION ONCE ENOUGH FUNDS ARE RAISED. If anyone is interested in sponsoring or donating to the creation of THIS KALMYK FILM please contact Elena Churyumov at l_batyreva@yahoo.com

THIS WILL BE ONE OF THE FIRST FEW MOVIES DIRECTED, PRODUCED, AND FILMED IN KALMYKIA BY KALMYKS. such a good opportunity and a great cause, especially to those interested in contributing to the endangered population (which is ultimately contributing to your own and your family’s access to something Kalmyk). Be apart of something new.



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