Teaching Mongolian Language & Culture Arlington ,VA

Teaching Mongolian Language & Culture Arlington ,VA

Dear friends and students,

We have spent significant number of years teaching Mongolian language to foreigners and helping Mongolian children enhance their Mongolian language skills.

In the past this was done mostly either in our home and any other venue we could find. This is about to change.

It is our pleasure to inform you that we have formally registered “Mongolian language Center” center devoted to teaching Mongolian language in Arlington , VA.

Our center is equipped to accommodate a small number of students at a time providing a personalized instruction.

Mongolian Language Center” center will offer the following instructions and services:

  • Area Target Audience
  • Mongolian language (beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels) Foreigners (in-person, via skype)
  • Classical Mongolian script (a.k.a old script)
  • Foreigners and Mongolians
  • Modern Mongolian language Children of all age (foreign and Mongolians)
  • Mongolian translation service From English to Mongolian, from Mongolian to English
  • Mongolian history, culture, and tradition (offered as a lecture series) Mongolian high school students and adults
  • Mongolian language test and evaluation (Foreigners)

Hours of Operation:
Monday through Friday Evening hours
Saturday and Sunday All day

• Saruul-Erdene Myagmar, Ph.D, in Mongolian Linguistics
• Narantsetseg Tseveendulam, MA in Mongolian Linguistics
Both instructors teach Mongolian at State Department Foreign Service Institute in Arlington , VA and have extensive experience in teaching Mongolian language and culture to foreigners and Mongolians.

Contact Information:

Ts. Narantsetseg
Email: saraanaa@yahoo.com
Tel: 202 286 3055

M. Saruul-Erdene
Email: saruul7@yahoo.com
Tel: 202 531 3716


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