Mongolian Language & Culture Classes Flushing , New York

Mongolian Language & Culture Classes Flushing , New York

You want to learn Mongolian Language ?
  • For personal development or to find new friendships
  • For work or business
  • To enter Further or Higher education
  • For travel
 As we begin our lessons, we will be communicating in English, however, little by little, we will be adding Mongolian words to our conversations.
Without noticing it, you will speak more and more Mongolian. In other words, you will be learning Mongolian  naturally.
Forget about learning methods where you only listen and repeat words, with my method you will speak real Mongolian.
You choose what you want to learn.
My lessons are one-to-one and entirely personalized. I prepare each lesson ONLY FOR YOU.
You have the freedom what you want to learn (basic Mongolian, business vocabulary, conversational Mongolian…) and I will create a learning program for you.
With other learning methods, every student has the same book and you learn what the teacher wants you to learn, however when studying with me, you will get customized lessons that were specifically designed to meet your needs.
I help my students develop better grammar so that they can master the Mongolian language.
If you are a tourist, just imagine the idea of knowing the basic language and the culture of the place you are visiting!
You will learn the absolutely necessary phrases and words that you may need during your tour. It does not depend on how proficient you are in Mongolian and at what stage of studying you are. You always feel prepared for the journey to Mongolia just in time.
If you are approaching an exam, you will be interested in grammar.
The confidence that comes with being prepared will reduce anxiety and give you the edge you need to succeed in school.
I suit my lessons and methods according to the kind of request I receive.
During our lessons I combine learning new vocabulary, proper sentence structure, as well as learning idioms and cliches.
The fact that I am conversationally fluent in everyday Mongolian and English gives me an advantage of a deep understanding of the relationship and differences between Mongolian and English languages.
   I can help you:
  •  Get the basics of the Mongolian language for traveling and working in Mongolian speaking countries?
  • Take your Mongolian language skills to the next level
  • Develop your business and professional Mongolian
  • Refresh the Mongolian you used to know but have forgotten
  • Improve your phonetics: accent and intonation
  • Polish up your existing Mongolian and build up your confidence in speaking it

It would be my honor to be a part of your educational future!

About  Byambakhuu Darinchuluun

I‘m a native Mongolian speaker living in Flushing, New York.

I have been teaching Mongolian Language and Culture for over 5 years.

 I am proficient in English and Mongolian.
I graduated from the National State University in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia.I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Cultural Anthropology and History.
My teaching style is very open. I let my students know what their weaknesses are and I closely work with them until they improve. I employ different techniques, depending on a student’s ability and his/her difficult areas.
 I have taught in elementary, middle and high school. Many of my students are adults. I believe that people are “never too old to learn!”
I look forward to getting to know you and helping you improve your Mongolian!

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